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Another Sports Fan’s Groom’s Cake

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For Texas Tech Red Raider Fans:

Tech graduates Keith and Catherine Baker had this stadium Groom's Cake at their wedding celebration.

This was a very well-done specimen, that can hold its own against the Texas Aggie Bonfire cake in the Battle of the College Cakes. Guns up!

Another Aggie Wedding Tradition

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The first time I saw one, I thought it was clever.

Then I learned that lots of people have had one.

We’re talking about the Aggie Bonfire groom’s cake. In the 10 years since the bonfire disaster, many good Ags who have never been to an official Bonfire, could at least have one at their wedding.

A properly engineered Bonfire Cake

History of the Aggie Bonfire (courtesy of the Texas A & M Traditions Council)

“The first Aggie Bonfire began in the early 1900’s as a pile of wood and trash next to the train station. The cadets decided to make a Bonfire to congratulate the football team on their win. Although this first Bonfire was held in the early morning hours of November 18, 1907, the first on-campus Aggie Bonfire was not held until 1909.

“Bonfire grew immensely through the years. The largest Bonfire was in 1969 and stood 109ft., which is only one foot shorter than Rudder tower. After that, the administration decided to regulate the Bonfire height to 55ft.

“There have been two years that Bonfire did not burn. First, in 1963, following the death of President John F. Kennedy, the senior class made one of the most difficult decisions of their time at Texas A&M. In honor of their president, they decided to dismantle the Bonfire, which had recently been completed. The head yell leader at the time, Mike Marlowe, was quoted as saying, “It is the most we have and the least we can give.”

“The second time that Bonfire was built and did not burn was in 1999. On November 18th, Bonfire fell, taking 12 of our fellow Aggies with it. This day was one of the most trying days for Aggies everywhere. At this time, Bonfire has been postponed indefinitely and no one knows if Bonfire will return. The Aggie Spirit has created the Aggie Traditions and that Aggie Spirit will thrive through the trying times.”

Lots of good bakeries can make an Aggie Bonfire cake. Call Party Machine Celebrations to find one in your area.

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something…Maroon?

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Both the Bride and the Groom were second-generation Texas Aggies. Both parents of both families were Texas A & M graduates, as were most of the 250 wedding guests.

I knew they had something cooking when I was contacted before the wedding by both the Best Man and the groom’s mother. The big prank? They wanted me to play the “Aggie War Hymn.”

It’s not as if I hadn’t done this at numerous Aggie weddings before, but they wanted the timing to be just perfect. The groom was the chosen victim.

Step 2 fell into place in the Bride’s Room at the church before the ceremony, when the Maid of Honor showed her Texas Aggie boxer shorts to the bridesmaids. The Bride insisted on wearing the boxers beneath her gown for the ceremony.

En route to the Reception, the Groom started taking inventory: “Something Old, check, Something New, got it…what do you have that’s Borrowed?” The Bride just smiled and answered, “You’ll see!” No doubt the groom envisioned something a little different from what he would encounter.

The evening progressed and the dancing was fierce and hand-to-hand, until time for the Bouquet and Garter toss. Both the Best Man and the groom’s mother had put me on notice to have the Aggie War Hymn cued up, and to start it on the Best Man’s signal.

As the groom started moving to remove the garter, our Aggie bride stood up, jumped on top of the chair, and raised her dress over her head, exposing the Aggie boxers for all to see!

What every Aggie bride should wear!

That was when the “WHOOP” of the War Hymn kicked in, and over 200 Aggie wedding guests all joined in, rattling the windows of the Fort Worth Club.

The groom’s face was a deep shade of Maroon.