35 Things Learned in 35 Years # 13

13) Never Assume You’ve Seen it All!

As a DJ and MC for all types of celebrations, I have been fortunate to see and do some interesting things.

I rode an elephant. I got to fly in a stunt plane. I have worked on boats, barns, basements, and balconies, warehouses, treehouses, restaurants, bars, churches, yacht clubs, hot tubs, farms, ranches, hotels, motels, and some beautiful homes.

The Party Machine
is an interesting business. Now that’s an understatement! There is always something new ahead. I have learned not to assume I have seen it all!

I have worked with celebrities, musicians, magicians, mimes, jugglers, sports figures, naked people, and politicians (not all at the same time).

I have seen people catch on fire and have a leg removed.

Jim and Laura Schwendig at Bass Hall; photo by Kent "Hoss" Evans

I might say nothing surprises me, but I know better! In this business, you just don’t know what surprises tomorrow may bring.

I love my job!

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