35 Things Learned in 35 Years #7

7) Fresh Batteries are Your Friend!

The dead battery beast can be the death of the party

The Party Machine has always been an early adopter of new technology, especially wireless technology. Most problems encountered with such hardware can be blamed on a weak battery. Every event requires new, fresh batteries in wireless Mic transmitters and devices with memory. It’s cheap insurance.

3 Responses to “35 Things Learned in 35 Years #7”

  1. I’ve had issues with lavaliers. Cut outs, distance issues….but not due to batteries, that I know of. It’s been…other problems….gremlins….Honestly, lavaliers make me nervous.

  2. Lavalier microphones seem to make grooms nervous at ceremonies, too!

    All wireless devices are subject to RF and EMI interference, which seems to be increasing. The latest generation of wireless microphones is better at rejecting false signals, and some will automatically select the clearest frequency.

    In the past, these devices could be on all sorts of random frequencies, often shared with unusual partners. My favorite story was the one about switching on a microphone at a backyard wedding…and the garage door opened!

  3. I’ve had my best luck with Sennheiser EW-122 g2 lav mic, as well as its handheld brother, the EW-135 g2. No problems at ceremonies or inteference during speeches……they are that reliable and worth the $450 expense.
    They are also very kind to batteries, lasting up to 10 hours apiece.

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