35 Things Learned in 35 Years #6

6) Early is On Time. On Time is Late.

Being a little early ensures a smooth event.

Goes hand in hand with “Always have a Plan B.” When things go wrong, whether a flat tire or a defective connector, some time will be required to solve the problem. Party Machine crews always add extra travel time and extra setup time before an event, in case Murphy’s Law should attack. That’s how we have been able to maintain our perfect record: Never a late start in 35 years!

2 Responses to “35 Things Learned in 35 Years #6”

  1. I agree with this, being a fellow member of the obsessively punctual. Synchronize watches!

  2. I’ve found — over time, that when it comes to weddings, the earlier the better. 2 hours has evolved into 3 hours in many cases, I call it the “flat tire allowance,” LOL

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