One Word, Benjamin: Lasers!

I’ve always had a fascination with lasers.

Lasers have given me perfect eyesight without glasses. Lasers have put digital Compact Disc technology in our homes and cars. Lasers have made our TV screens amazingly sharp and clear.

But I love lasers because they make an awesome light show!

The Party Machine was experimenting with lasers for event lighting as early as 1978. But early lasers were not safe enough, nor visually impressive, until robotic mirrors and computer control made them the showpieces that they are now.

Lasers can not only make a wild, kinetic light show like the one above, they can also project a romantic field of stars on the ceiling. We recently used this effect for a church Valentine’s Day dance for their “55 and Better” group, and they loved dancing beneath the stars!

Laser Starfield projection on the ceiling is beautiful, romantic, and very easy to do. This unit also projects clouds!

Laser Effect lighting is not for every event, but if you want your Prom, Disco theme party, or fund-raiser to make your guests gasp in awe, there is no better way than a laser show.

Lasers ROCK!

Call me at 817-294-9539 to discuss how Party Machine Lasers can rock your next event!

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