Not Only Big, But Talented!

One of my favorite events in recent memory was Bill and DeeDee Whittle’s wedding at the Petroleum Club of Fort Worth. Loyal Blog readers may remember DeeDee for being child number 18 out of 20 siblings in the Jack Joachim family.

Not only was this family big, but there was plenty of talent to go around on both sides, and the wedding guests were the beneficiaries.

I introduced Bill and DeeDee as they made their Grand Entrance to thunderous applause, and walked onto the dance floor. But instead of beginning their first dance, DeeDee grabbed a microphone and sang “Wedding Bell Blues” with custom lyrics to her new husband Bill.

We specialize in doing unique Grand Entrances when we introduce the wedding party, but it’s rare to have a singing bride. And there was an issue with the song, because the woman singing is sad that Bill refuses to marry her. DeeDee re-wrote the lyrics to say, “So Glad You Married Me, Bill,” and I made her an edited background track with vocals removed. This bit of showbiz prep was well worth the effort. DeeDee (whose given name is Mary, but she says she didn’t find out until she was 12) has a magnificent voice, and belted it out with style and grace.

The reception events continued as planned, and after dinner it was Bill’s turn to entertain. He sings in the Sentimental Journey quartet, and the other three singers were all present, so…

Rocky Willett, H J Schmidt, Doug Williamson, and Bill Whittle

Bill jokingly refers to the quartet as “The Four Stages of Male Pattern Baldness,” and they sang the old doo-wop hit Blue Moon, also with modified lyrics. The harmony of barbershop singing required two men to keep repeating the two-note background chorus, which came out, “DeeDee, DeeDee, DeeDee.” The result was hilarious.

As their performance ended, a young boy came up to them with a request written on a napkin. H J said he wasn’t sure if they knew “Low” by Flo-Rida, but I did, so we kicked off the dancing and Shawty got low, low, low, low…and DeeDee showed ’em how it’s done.

But we’re still not done with this talented family, and the next generation got to strut their stuff when DeeDee’s son Joséph showed his Michael Jackson impression. You just have to see it:

That is DeeDee’s other son Mathias who tries to swipe the credit card. The two brothers are roommates at Texas A & M, and avoided discussing football after the Aggies got whooped earlier on the wedding day, but they seemed to enjoy themselves anyway. Special thanks to “Video Keith” Mathis for this footage, who also produced their photo montage.

I look forward to more fun events with this family!

4 Responses to “Not Only Big, But Talented!”

  1. Dee Dee Whittle Says:

    Thanks for the memories, Scott! You orchestrated the evening so beautifully! Magnificent voice? Hardly, but thanks for being so kind!

  2. Georgette Mattina Says:

    Great wedding! Love to all of you.


  3. Dee Dee Whittle Says:

    I love this play-by-play of our wedding, Scott! What a fabulous event that was thanks to you and Keith. You were right, there was no need for a wedding coordinator…you took care of everything (except the food and flowers) and kept the party running smoothly. I loved seeing the video of our actual wedding playing on the big screen during the reception. I don’t know how Keith managed to pull that off but we’re glad he did. The video montage (set to great music) of Bill and I as youngsters and then as a grown couple in love was priceless. What a memorable celebration indeed. Thank you so much!!!

    What makes this occasion so memorable now is that it captured my Dad on both camera and video at his last big family event. He went to be with his Maker last Saturday on what would have been my Mom’s birthday. He was 95 years young. Here is a link to an article written in the Saturday Evening Post about my Dad. It includes a link to the original story they wrote about our large family in 1958. Thanks again for the precious memories.

  4. Martha Caruso Says:

    Great fun! I’m sure there is more talent coming from this family.
    Martha Joachim Caruso, #4

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