Lasers In My Luggage

One of the highlights of the Mobile Beat Las Vegas conference for mobile DJs is the exhibits of gear and equipment. New products are introduced, some prototypes are on display, and prices are discounted.

I already had a cool laser starfield projector, but wanted another one, and the price was too tempting to pass up. Here is what it looks like projected on the ceiling of a basketball gym:

Dancing beneath the stars, one of my favorite romantic effects.

I got an even better deal on the unit that was on the display.

As I boarded the plane to return home, I got a text message from “Video Keith” Mathis, asking if I got any new toys at the DJ convention. I answered, “Yes, I got a laser in my suitcase…that I just checked…”

Then it occurred to me that the nice people with Homeland Security may not understand why I have a laser in my luggage.

When I got home and opened my suitcase, it had the following notice from TSA:

A Laser in your luggage WILL get an inspection!

They must have been satisfied that it was not a weapon, and it worked perfectly at my gig the next night.

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