Report From the DJ Conference – ABCs for DJs

Having a great experience at the Mobile Beat Las Vegas (MBLVX) conference, but having a bit of trouble with abbreviations.

DJA organized our dinner party last night (that’s Disc Jockey America.) It was great.

ADJ is hosting their Customer Appreciation Party tonight (that’s American DJ, who manufactures lighting…in China of course.) Their party is always great, and features big-name entertainment.

And the annual meeting for ADJA (American DJ Association) was today.

My beloved profession is not very original when it comes to names, as though we only know three letters. It sort of reminds me of my father-in-law assigning names to a litter of newborn puppies: “I call the black one Blackie, and the white one Whitie.”

I think we could use a few more letters of the alphabet, and form a few more sorely needed professional associations.

BDJA – Bald DJ Association. One picture says a thousand words. The number of hairless DJs seems to be growing, even if their hair isn’t.

CDJA – Cheesy DJ Association. These are the guys who give the mobile entertainment business a bad image, by dressing badly, getting drunk, flirting with bridesmaids, and making brilliant announcements like, “Alright, now, at this time, ladies and gentlemen, at this time…anyways…hey, listen up, everybody, now, at this time, let’s all give it up for the bride and groom!”

None of the cheesy guys attend conferences, because it’s not a profession to them, and they don’t care that they are cheesy. But don’t they deserve to belong to a club, that would have someone like them as members?

2 Responses to “Report From the DJ Conference – ABCs for DJs”

  1. Great pictures from the Vegas show ! I am having a great time here too. I think I get to spend more time talking to other Dallas DJs here in Vegas than I do back home in Dallas!

    So we are off to see Coolio and the Sugar Hill Gang perform for us tonight, then off to Freemont Street to see the Queen tribute. I also received 2 prom contracts while here, and one contract for a wedding! Doing business while having fun! Love it.


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