My Favorite Father and Daughter Dance

When Shalane Bellinghausen was planning her wedding to Tom Hammerle, she knew she wanted their celebration to be different. At Party Machine Celebrations we have always believed “Different is Good.” These Texas Aggies understood the importance of tradition, and also about celebrating with style, wit and humor.

It’s been trendy in recent years to stage a choreographed first dance with a romantic song, that is interrupted by “technical difficulties” (carefully staged, of course) and then breaks into a medley of fast popular song and dance. The couple pulls off some flashy dance moves, and it’s obvious that it was planned.

By the time Interrupted First Dances flashed onto YouTube and the Today Show, we had been creating them for years.

And as trends become the norm, their uniqueness starts to wear off. What was once different is now the same as the other non-conformists.

Shalane and Tom witnessed some Party Machine showbiz at the wedding of Lauren and Drew Ray, when Lauren and her father, Scott Shaw, broke into “Stayin’ Alive” from Saturday Night Fever during their Father-Daughter dance. It’s funnier when it’s unexpected, especially if Dad can act a little in addition to his terpsichorean skills.

Shalane knew this would be hilarious with her father, Chuck Bellinghausen, who is nearly two feet taller than she is. And she had the perfect song in mind.

Here is Shalane’s Father-Daughter Dance at City Club of Fort Worth:

Since Tom was a soldier soon to be deployed, this was in keeping with their theme. The entire routine was pre-recorded, and they got a rehearsal copy and practiced it a few times.

Simple! And despite the frivolity, they made it look rather elegant.

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