Listen To Your Bubby!

As I arrived to meet with my Bar Mitzvah clients, the grandparents drove up at the same time. After introductions we all sat down in the den to discuss the big event next week.

As Mom was spreading out pictures on the coffee table for Adam’s photo montage, we heard the Bar Mitzvah boy make a discovery in the kitchen.

“Cool, is this for me?” He had found a good-sized Tupperware container his grandparents had brought him from Indiana.

Grandma told him to dig in and enjoy himself, and I had to ask what was in the goody box.

She explained it was fresh Venison Jerky. Sounded great to me!

But I had to ask, “Is that Kosher?”

She set her finger over her lips in the international “shush” signal.

Listen to your bubby!

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