I love holidays. Holidays are time to celebrate, and I am in the celebration business.

Many of the holidays we celebrate are of fairly recent origin. Most people are aware that Mother’s Day and Father’s Day were created by greeting card companies. Valentine’s Day rose to its current prominence because of similar market forces.

Most folks are less conscious of the fact that the celebration of Christmas has fairly modern origins, and at one time it was illegal to observe Christmas in Merry Olde England. Really, look it up!

Birthday celebrations are a modern tradition; before we observed them, it was customary to celebrate a person’s Saint’s Day instead.

We celebrate official government holidays because most of us are off work, such as Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day and Veteran’s Day, all great days for family gatherings and cooking outdoors.

Some of our holidays have evolved into excuses to have a party, such as St. Patrick’s Day and Halloween. Some of the best parties are costume events for Halloween.

But my favorite holiday is only 20 years old, and exists purely as an excuse for a party.

September 19: International Talk Like A Pirate Day.

Really! Serious Party Animals have celebrated the day for years, yet I am often surprised to talk to someone who still has not yet heard of it.



Check it out, me hearties!

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