The Best Wedding Reception…Ever!

Finally there is a book for wedding planners that is written from the entertainment perspective! Not a planning guide, nothing about invitation etiquette or table linens, this book is purely about making weddings FUN and memorable, as they all should be.

Written by California wedding DJ and past American DJ Association President Peter Merry, this is the book I wish I had written myself. Peter did an outstanding job, in consultation with several of the top wedding entertainers in the country, and has compiled the best “idea book” I have ever seen about wedding fun.

I am so impressed with this book, that I consider it required reading for anyone planning a wedding, especially if they want to avoid the ordinary, everyday “cookie cutter” reception.

So I ordered a case of books, and provide one to all my wedding clients. Yes, it’s that good.

DJ Scott with author Peter Merry

DJ Scott with author Peter Merry

One Response to “The Best Wedding Reception…Ever!”

  1. Scott,

    Thanks for your kind words about my book. My biggest thrill is hearing stories from couples I have never met who have put the ideas in my book to good for their own receptions. Not every wedding reception is intended to be a fun celebration…but most of them truly are. It is my hope that those who want a celebration that is uniquely fun and memorable will now know precisely how to make that happen.

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